T&M Pressure Transducer

  • Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum pressure, and differential pressure
  • Silicon-based, Bonded Foil-based, flush diaphragm, and digital gauge
  • High accuracy 0.05% ~ 0.25%
  • Dual diaphragm structure
  • High-pressure measurement 50,000 psi~100,000 psi
  • Compact hydraulic measurement 100 psi~15,000psi
  • Special custom made


  • Automotive engine, transmission and brake testing: pressure monitoring of oil, coolant, fuel, and compression cylinder
  • Thrust and hydraulic systems for aviation and defense fields Hydraulic cylinder, oil pump pressure monitoring
  • Hydraulic monitoring for augmented robots
  • High-pressure injection system
  • Drill mud pump pressure measurement of oil & gas field