Since its inception, SMARTLINE has supplied products to leading domestic defense industry projects that satisfy the rigorous technical conditions of the aerospace and defense sectors.

SMARTLINE provides cutting-edge technology and high-tech products in specialized fields to strengthen customer competitiveness and gain technological superiority.


  • Submarine
    • Jangbogo II, Jangbogo III, Exports Submarine to Indonesia
  • Warship
    • LST (Landing Ship Tank), LSF (Landing Ship Fast), and Aegis
  • Ground Systems
    • K-1, K-9, K-10, K-21, K-2, K-808, KAAV, Biho, and Chunma
  • Missile launcher
    • HongSangEo, ChungSangEo, Chunmoo, Hyunmoo, Haegung, and Haesung
  • Drone
    • Division level UAV, Medium-altitude UAV
  • Aircraft
    • KT-1, T-50/FA-50, T-11, KUH, LAH/LCH, KF-X
  • Satellite
    • Space launch vehicles, small satellites, science and technology satellites, multi-purpose utility satellites, and geostationary orbit satellites

Major Customer