• UT Type (UP screw connection) – Most widely used in the world
  • Push-In Type (Push-In connection) – Next-generation terminal block, connection by simple insertion of electric wires
  • ST Type (Spring connection) – Strong vibration resistance
  • QT Type (Quickon connection) – Connect without removing the wire sheath
  • RT Type(Rug-Bolt connection) – Wire connection with ring cable rug
  • Plug-In Type(COMBI Plug-In connection) – Wire connection with rigorous requirements


Terminal block: Part used to connect electrodes to the input or output of current in electric circuits or devices

Purpose of main usage

  • Different cable connections and access
  • Collects cables in one place to easily identify damaged parts in case of malfunction
  • To combine multiple cables into one cable


  • In the power board, switchboard, and distribution board