Since its inception, SMARTLINE has been supplying products that satisfy the demanding technical requirements of numerous industrial/medical equipment manufacturers.

SMARTLINE provides cutting-edge technology and high-tech products in specialized fields to strengthen customer competitiveness and gain technological superiority by supplying products suitable for applications.


  • Semiconductor
    • Loadcell, Current sensor, UHP Valves, UHP Sensors
  • Medical
    • Miniature sensor and valve, Skin temp sensor, Circuit breaker
  • Telecommunications
    • Circuit breaker, Current sensor, Power supply, Electrical parts
  • Analyzer
    • PTFE sensor, PTFE solenoid valve, Pinch valve
  • Robot/Servo
    • 6-Axis torque/loadcell, Shock/Vibration, Encoder, Current sensor, AMR sensor
  • Other Industrial Equipment
    • Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Humidity, Level and others